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Dalriada n:
Kingdom of the Scots,
home of the residents

A lunar tour from Earlspark Avenue

I was keen to try out my new planetary camera on some close ups of the moon, after the last lot, long ago, with my first telescope. Last night the weather forecast looked promising so I set up the kit in the garden, and hoped the clouds would clear away by midnight – which they did, just in time for some lunar tourism before bed.

Here’s a screenshot of the whole moon via Virtual Moon Atlas, as if from our back garden, in Glasgow, last night


There follows a set of Virtual Moon Atlas screenshots paired with my image of the same area. All of my images are via the ZWO ASI224MC camera and some (with a bluish cast) are with an infra-red pass filter which is meant to give a more stable view, albeit monochrome. I have rotated most of my images a little, to match the Virtual Moon Atlas screenshots.









Finally, here’s the latest image of Jupiter, via the ZWO camera again, but with the addition of a 2x Barlow Lens to increase the magnification.

jupiter-22_50_19_rotated1 Next month, Mars maybe?