Mott MacDonald Prize Crossword No 1.
by Omega

Solutions include the locations of 10 Mott MacDonald offices, otherwise this is a conventional cryptic crossword.

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8The French nag loses short head in the sub-continent. (6)
9Regional assent and poetic for ever. (3)
10Mine's a pint, and shut that door. (4)
11Test oil pig arrangement avoids going down the wrong way. (10)
12Stopper popped out to celebrate. (4)
13Respond with the solution. (6)
16Alcoholic constituent of explosives and pharmaceuticals derived from gory cell. (8)
17Nothing in news about fifty-fifty returning all puffed up. (7)
18Inadvertently mothers may cause asphyxiation (7)
22Peruvian capital is at a loss returning to Cypriot port. (8)
25Reduce intolerant strait. (6)
26See 2 Down
27Naval vessels are not constructive. (10)
30David Bowie's eponymous hero was not daft. (4)
31Company, not crowded. (3)
32Concurred about inside matured. (6)


1David Bowie's eponymous hero's illumination. (4)
2/26Original simian star changes leaders for China's offshore asset. (4,4)
3Rescue or reorganisation provides the wherewithal. (8)
4Power Systems stock in trade, how old was the engine driver ? (7)
5See 14
6The Guardian's first home, and origin of sham centre formation. (10)
7Rhoda, I arranged her coiffure. (6)
14/5East coast state provides Christmas present or baby calf ? (3,6)
15Rowed under spring for a case carefully constructed. (10)
19The French returns after French timepiece for French Canadian city. (8)
20For example, nothing for me, myself, I. (3)
21Clydeside centre of excellence from mixture of gas in a warm feeling. (7)
23Barometric contour or international standard watering hole ? (6)
24Calm down and remain composed. (6)
28Source of ham, white roses and dismiss by a tice. (4)
29Shorten sail to avoid it ? (4)


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