Dalriada Crossword No. 2
by Omega

A cryptic crossword lightly themed in honour of 7,8,9. Five related clues lack further definition.

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3Step on it, we need 28 now (3)
5See 38
7/8/9Article in carrier for singular superstar, or supermarket? (3,3,3)
10Prisoner agrees with this dog (3)
11I replace supermarket's second for fascinating musical work (4)
13Put yours in to be intrusively asssertive (3)
14Simon's partner like cockney 5 37 (3)
15See 2 Down
16Pipit's home arranged from beer (3)
18Prevent, whisky, tape (6)
19Marked alternative to grave superscript (5)
20Principal abysymal dimension (5)
23Strangely odd before beheaded insect (5)
24/26/37Truncated opening of preparation for lift-off about end of the day (4,2,6,4)
25Non-returnable delivery (3)
29Inexpensive peach concoction (5)
30Mum's first name or what knights say, or their horses? (3)
31Big bird connecting rod to audience (3)
32/12Extra vehicular activity, to music? (9)
33See 34
34/33Say medal returns for festive tipple (3,3)
35Not in time after French alternative (3)
36Mere French insect resin (3)
37See 24
38/5Kirk and town on Pennine Way but Ian's a borrower (7)


1/24An oval shape at the end of the day (6,6)
2/27/15/5DObscure Cardiac utterance (12,6,2,3,5)
4Marched in first, rode off next (6)
5See 2
6Grab second half of Lewisian creature (6)
10John Higgins' livelihood comes promptly (3)
12See 32 Across
147,8,9's favourite star magazine? (6,6)
16Solid state bulb showed the way (3)
17First of my character set with 22 recalls Italian marque (5)
21Sounds like Santa needs 2 more such tools (3)
22Lover from capital at start of osculation (5)
24See 1
26See 24 Across
27See 2
28Noble element not any kiss returns (5)
29Start 10a and end of 33 helps to keep things turning (3)


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