Dalriada Crossword No. 3
by Omega

A cryptic crossword characteristic of our Birthday Boy Boz - I make no apology for joining the celebrations. Thirteen related clues lack further definition.

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7/9Foolish Jack's partner joins the navy (5,4)
8Idle man at variance with bonded layers (9)
10Vitality loses its head to right way of reasoning (6)
11A quiff's tailpiece followed by endless Bordeaux wine. (3,5)
12Automotive trial reversing a short distance after parking (3,5)
13Purchases made by us (4)
15Cyclist, or croupier? (7)
17Short fairytale hairpiece (7)
20Out of bed in jungle extremes (4)
22Labourer's way of walking is a sound approach to arrival. (8)
25Beat poet causes shipping hazard after short drinks (8)
26More Sir Laurence? Actually I want less. (6)
27Morally reprehensible character close at hand (9)
28Descendant, offshoot, heard at New Year? (5)


1Sounds quite quiet (9)
2Detach United Nations pair (8)
3Otalgia can affect each ear (7)
4...cut off their tail - with a 6 brew (8)
5Rooftop whaler? (6)
6Strangely connected (5)
9See 7 Across
14Motel site development reveals festive parasite (9)
16Mean geezer (8)
18Lightweight sorceress (8)
19Tears over heartless child (7)
21Like a big, heavenly plough (6)
23Pointless fruit becomes a type of shortened fiddle (4)
24Hoist the sail, or Frech for jewellery (5)


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