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Dalriada n:
Kingdom of the Scots,
home of the residents

Jupiter, from Stuart’s bedroom window

Hi stargazers,

please see my latest image (below) from Stuart’s bedroom window. OK, it’s not very exciting but you can just about make out Jupiter and its four Galilean moons. The second is a screen-shot from Stellarium, as if from Glasgow at the same moment.

It’s good that the night lasts longer now, so I can use my telescope before bed time, or maybe get up a bit before dawn – for Jupiter say at 07:14 ! But I’m still struggling for good, dark skies with no overcast cloud for a change. I’m beginning to think about upgrading the telescope to an equatorial mount, which might be better for astrophotography. Meantime, I have subscribed to Sky at Night magazine and joined the Astronomical Society of Glasgow.

Last night was a Stars over the Botanics night, which was quite fun, and mercifully starlit. I went to look at the telescopes as much as the stars.