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Dalriada n:
Kingdom of the Scots,
home of the residents

Orion, from Stuart’s bedroom window

Orion’s too big for photography through my telescope, and even too big for my 70-300mm telephoto lens, it turns out. So I ended up with a 18-55mm lens set at 36mm. Main problem was not being able to see anything in the LiveView screen until after taking the shot – not enough light I suppose until after the 5sec exposure. Shows what you can do without a telescope though, all you need is a pretty good tripod and a fairly modest camera. Darker sky than I’ve got here would help of course. Don’t forget, the radius of red giant Betelgesuse, top left, is much greater than that of the Earth’s orbit around our sun i.e. (150 million km).

When I get my new focusser (Christmas present from the boys – delayed by availability). I hope to do better – actually through the telescope!