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Dalriada n:
Kingdom of the Scots,
home of the residents


Orion’s progress westward is marked by the poles holding the wires for the Cathcart Circle at the bottom of our garden. These were 3 minute exposures at ISO 3200 with an 18mm lens (not telephoto, and no telescope) at 21:26, 21:34, and 21:40 last night.

The difficulty is you can’t see anything in the viewfinder, or the live-view screen until after the 3 minute shot is complete. The graininess and red dots are noise and camera sensor artifact I think, which are particularly bad at high ISO but I thought 3 minutes was quite long enough. I could probably have improved the grainy and dotty outcome by subtracting a ‘dark frame’ – but I forgot to take one. The image below is the sum of the other 3 after aligning them by Orion’s stars, so you can see the poles are spread out. Although no telescope was involved its equatorial mount did a great job by tracking the stars as the earth continued to spin – so no discernable star-trails I think which you would certainly get with a 3 minute exposure from a static tripod. Light pollution is reduced by a serious Astronomik CLS CCD light pollution filter – else the sky would be orange.

Next stop, the solar eclipse. Don’t look at the sun without some Sky at Night Solar Eclipse Glasses like mine.