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Kingdom of the Scots,
home of the residents

‘Supermoon’ coincides with lunar eclipse

I had a go at ‘Supermoon’ coincides with lunar eclipse but my images were nowhere near as good as those posted by the BBC. My problem in Glasgow was mainly down to high level cloud, which the moon managed to penetrate when it was at its brightest but began to struggle with as the Earth’s shadow intervened. My camera took loads of images via my SkyWatcher Explorer 200P (Newtonian) telescope but they’re not good enough to do much with – I can set the remote release to take a shot every 2 minutes but I can’t get it to increase the the exposure value as the eclipse proceeds. I include 8 images below starting at 10:00 on Sunday evening, when the sky was fairly clear. The blue cast is due to a light pollution filter I use in Glasgow. I got up to stand by as the automatic sequence began at 02:00, when the eclipse was due to start, but went to bed long before it finished. The moon was due to be totally eclipsed by 03:11 and clear of the Earth’s shadow by 05:27. By then my telescope had lost the plot with its lunar tracking and the camera was covered in dew. So, a bit disappointing but I learned some stuff as usual – like you can’t leave it all to auto-pilot when the required exposure values change by the minute. I hope you did better than me :-).

[captionpix align=”left” imgsrc=”” captiontext=”22:00″]

[captionpix align=”left” imgsrc=”” captiontext=”02:01″]

[captionpix align=”left” imgsrc=”” captiontext=”02:07″]

[captionpix align=”left” imgsrc=”” captiontext=”02:25″]

[captionpix align=”left” imgsrc=”” captiontext=”02:35″]

[captionpix align=”left” imgsrc=”” captiontext=”02:47″]

[captionpix align=”left” imgsrc=”” captiontext=”02:53″]

[captionpix align=”left” imgsrc=”” captiontext=”03:01″]