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Dalriada n:
Kingdom of the Scots,
home of the residents

Ursa Major over Racquety Lodge

We are just back from a great week at Racquety Lodge near Hay on Wye.


I didn’t take a telescope but I was hoping I might get a DSLR snap of the Milky Way – which might have been a feasible proposition but for the full moon!

So I made do with another shot of Ursa Major, aka the Great Bear aka the Plough. The image below is from a 10s exposure at f2.8 and ISO 400 with a 28mm lens. The cottage roof and window are lit entirely by moonlight, which is why the Milky Way didn’t show up.


Actually Racquety Lodge would make a great venue for astronomy and even astrophotography the easy way when the nights are a bit earlier and darker.

So I added it as a stargazing venue on my dark skies map:


Thanks are due to Ros and Geoff Garrett at Racquety Farm.