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Dalriada n:
Kingdom of the Scots,
home of the residents

Category Archives: stargazing

Red planet disappoints, Saturn is more fun

I was a bit disappointed with my images of Mars through Stuart’s bedroom window. Mars was at opposition on 22nd May and featured in Sky at Night magazine as a planetary Pick of the Month. This time I actually had to be upstairs in his

Jupiter’s moons are in the frame

I have been struggling to get a decent image of Jupiter in a wide enough field of view to include a few of its Galilean moons. Here is the Stellarium screenshot as usual: Also, I discovered a great site at which plots the positions

Mercury in transit

It’s not often that an astronomical event coincides with perfect viewing conditions in Glasgow. And it’s quite unusual that I can observe a must-see astronomical event while having lunch in our conservatory. So I was quite looking forward to the transit of Mercury on 9th

A lunar tour from Earlspark Avenue

I was keen to try out my new planetary camera on some close ups of the moon, after the last lot, long ago, with my first telescope. Last night the weather forecast looked promising so I set up the kit in the garden, and hoped

Jupiter revisited (again), and some new technology

I lashed out on a new ‘planetary’ camera, a ZWO ASI224MC USB3.0 Colour CMOS Camera. It’s a jumped-up webcam really but a bit specialised for astrophotography. It’s going to take time learning how to use it well, but first experiments look quite promising. Also, it’s

Orion from the Galloway Astronomy Centre

I used up my last astronomy birthday/Christmas present, a Stargazer Voucher entitling me to dinner, bed and breakfast at the Galloway Astronomy Centre plus a Guided Tour of the Night Sky by Mike Alexander. The sky was great so I just had to repeat the

Focus Magic

Did the Earth move for you? Well it did for me while I took 30s exposures of Orion from Stuart’s bedroom desk with a regular 50mm lens and my Canon DSLR mounted on a very simple, non-tracking, tripod. Actually I was just practicing with Robbie’s

Deep Sky Stacker

By coincidence Colin Robb and I had both photographed M42, the Great Nebula in Orion, on the same night (Wednesday) before the ASG Kindrogan week-end. Not such a coincidence really because we were both making use of the first decent star gazing night in South

Kindrogan 2016, February

Another great week-end with Astronomical Society of Glasgow at Kindrogan Field Studies Centre. This was my third visit to Kindrogan with ASG, after February 2015 and November 2015. For me the highlight was another close encounter with M42, the Great Orion Nebula. Best effort yet